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Wonderful teacher

Valorado con 5,0 de 5

As an adult learner, I am not preparing for exams, but wanted to improve my Spanish beyond the “get by” stage. Marta is a wonderful teacher, and has clarified many complicated points of grammar, and encouraged the use of Spanish throughout the lessons. She takes a lot of time and trouble preparing interesting lessons for my age group, as a lot of textbooks are aimed at teenage students. When visiting Spain I have been able to hold quite varied conversations with a range of people. The lessons never feel stressful, so it was almost a surprise to find that I was much more fluent, and could follow spoken Spanish much better. Gracias.


The kind of teacher you need

Valorado con 5,0 de 5

I am a mature student, who wants to learn Spanish despite my misgivings about my ability to learn another language. I like to travel, but do feel a little guilty about relying on speaking English wherever I go. So even though my motivation is not terribly strong and my willingness to put in enough time and effort is poor, I am never the less 4 months into my weekly Spanish classes with Marta.

Marta is an excellent teacher for me. I have not felt judged by my slow progress and my unwillingness to do any homework. I have felt encouraged and supported. She has taken me for what I am, rather than expecting me to conform to her expectations of what one of her students should be. She is always attentive and focussed during my one hour lessons, and the combination of conversational Spanish combined with some formal language learning is ideal for me. I could have so easily given up, and would have done so if I’d felt the pace to be demanding, or the lessons to be unstimulating. I have however really enjoyed this journey of learning, and though it is hard work at times – I am progressing.


If you want to travel...

Valorado con 5,0 de 5

We started learning Spanish about 2 years ago by attending council run courses, but felt we needed a more one to one learning environment. Marta is really friendly and we felt comfortable with her from our very first lesson. The lessons are tailored to our needs and go at our pace. Marta never makes us feel silly or embarrassed if we get something wrong! We have now been having lessons with Marta for about 7 months. With thanks to Marta we are definitely making progress and hope to put all we have learned into practice on our trips to Spain.


Phil and Sally

Try a lesson!

Valorado con 5,0 de 5

I have known Marta as a teacher of Spanish for three years now. Marta has encouraged me to be more confident and the lessons are a real enjoyment as well as being structured. She will go through a particular section of Spanish and explain it fully. Try a lesson, you won’t be disappointed.



Valorado con 5,0 de 5

I would recommend Marta to anyone who wants to learn Spanish. Though my own experience is unique, I could imagine she would be ideal for everybody, regardless at what level they begin or to what level of fluency they aspire toward.


I could not recommend Marta highly enough

Valorado con 5,0 de 5

I have enjoyed Spanish tutorials enormously with Marta for over a year now.

Marta is always well prepared, punctual, friendly and professional and enables my friend and I to learn in a structured yet informal manner.

We have progressed from a knowledge of around 100 words to being able to speak for an hour in Spanish, albeit slowly, read well and write easy sentences.

Our tutorials are over coffee and cake at a mutually agreed venue, but Marta is able to change location as required.

Overall I could not recommend Marta highly enough; I was very apprehensive of learning a language as my higher education was entirely science based but not only have I managed to progress well but to my surprise really enjoyed my tutorials.

If you want to learn Spanish and have some fun then Marta is the right person for you.

Dr Judy Gordon

Awesome teacher

Valorado con 5,0 de 5

My girls are aged 6 and 9 and love Marta, they enjoy every minute with her, every class is carefully planed and thorough through out.

I love seeing what they do every week. Their improvement is so noticeable from week to week.

Marta is a kind and thoughtful teacher that goes above and beyond to modify her classes to suit every body, I could not be more pleased with her.

Luisa Gispert

A motivational teacher

Valorado con 5,0 de 5

I have found Marta be an excellent and motivational Spanish teacher. She structures her lessons according to my needs, listening to what I want to achieve and providing a mix of grammar, written exercises and conversation practice to help me reach my goals.

Marta’s lessons are always well-prepared and well-organised and she creates a very positive and relaxed environment in which to learn. I have no hesitation in recommending Marta.

Karen Naylor